In recent years Belgium has taken in thousands of asylum seekers:  Afghans, Iranians, Guineans, Congolese, Iraqis, Chechens, Syrians, Armenians and many other nationalities.  Many have suffered from political terrorism, civil war or poverty. A life of uncertainty awaits them in Belgium. God asks us to love the stranger and to be available for them. Gave Veste desires to help churches become aware of their role in the lives of refugees and help them get involved in practical ways.


Gave Veste is active in setting up and motivating contacts between Belgian Christians and asylum seekers. On this website you can read how you can get involved.



  • Gave Veste mobilizes Christians, through hospitality and love, to communicate the Gospel, in word and deed, to asylum seekers.
  • Gave Veste aims to support local churches, Christian associations and organisations in their missional, pastoral and social activities among asylum seekers.  Gave Veste does this by informing, equipping and guiding.



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